Wednesday 19 October 2011 and what it is

Hi there everyone!
I recently discovered this website,

Upon first inspection, I thought that it seemed too good to be true, but after doing my research, it seems to be a completely reputable concept and business.
From what I have found out, the company is based in Salford, Greater Manchester. This intrigued me to do some further research as the whole concept drew me in and also the fact that it was coming out of a place that typically isn't a business orientated area led me to delving into it even further.
I have recently discovered that it is the "Brainchild" of Salford based company, Appstart Ltd. (I will Talk further Upon Appstart at a later date or later in this post)
The basic concept of the site is to give its users the chance to win 99% discounts off prizes from iPhones to 100K Houses!
You are probably thinking exactly the same as I did when I first saw this, Bulls**t! I can happily tell you that it isnt.
I stumbled across this article last wednesday, when it was featured in the Business and innovations section of the Manchester Evening News.
They were also featured on the online version of the paper in the same section
Ill give you a while to look over it yourself, but my mind is made up

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  1. I have been a member of Skillbuy. I won some shit prizes, usb fridge and keyring. They turned up fine. I went on to purchase unlimited credits for 1 month for £10. I won 2 iPhones and 3 years worth of accommodation, none of it has materialised.

    I emailed them to find out what was going on and was told I had received the iPhone and was trying to mislead them and was subsequently banned. This just so happened to be the day after winning the accommodation!

    They also went on to change the whole concept of the website where you now have to purchase tickets and therefore my unlimited credits became redundant, well, if I had an account anyway.